Testimonial Photo - Su Yun An

I almost want to call Dr. Doe’s office every month, every time I have my cycle because it is so much better. My message to you is to really consider this procedure because it has been a life changing experience for me, and now if I talk to any woman who has uterine fibroids, without hesitation I recommend Dr. Doe and his office.

Dr. Su Yun An Fibroid Treatment
Testimonial Photo - Yola Ankar

My life now, after UFE, is one hundred percent great. I feel vibrant, happy. I don’t feel irritable. Dr. Doe and his staff are completely awesome. I had a great experience at [Alate Health], and I would definitely recommend them to anyone I meet.

Yola Ankar Fibroid Treatment, UFE
Testimonial Photo - Francine Shephard

I had to retire from the army because of fibroids. … I’m now very active – kickboxing, running, weight lifting, traveling, & enjoying life. My menstrual cycles are no longer heavy. Dr Doe & his entire staff were professional, caring, honest, upfront & performed great before & aftercare. I wish I’d known about them sooner!

Francine Shephard Fibroid Treatment, UFE
Testimonial Photo - Aladriane Hart

I suffered with fibroids for about a year … I had heavy cycles, and it was very difficult for me to work or do anything. Hysterectomy wasn’t an option for me. Then I found Dr. Doe and learned about UFE … Dr. Doe saved my life. I would recommend him to anyone.

Aladriane Hart Fibroid Treatment
Testimonial Photo - Tracia Williams

I suffered with fibroids for 13 years because I didn’t want surgery. My cycles were so heavy that I was afraid of having accidents in public. That’s when I found Dr. Doe and learned about UFE…Dr. Doe and his staff were amazing. If you have fibroids, there is hope!

Tracia Washington Fibroid Treatment, UFE

My experience with the [Alate Health] staff was great, and everyone was very kind and accommodating. I no longer care if I have to travel or be in public during my cycles due to the enormous change UFE has made possible in my life!

LaPortia Sandleford Fibroid Treatment, UFE