Medical vein disease and vein treatment is covered by insurance. At Alate Health, we accept most major insurances. Our insurance verification team will work with your insurance company to get your benefits verified before treatment begins.

At Alate Health, we offer complimentary vein screenings.

If left untreated, varicose and spider veins can worsen over time. It is best to treat your veins early to prevent the advancement of your symptoms and increase your chances of success.

At Alate Health, our vein treatments are performed in our state-of-the-art outpatient facility. No hospitalization is required.

Typically, our patients can resume normal daily activities shortly after having received a vein treatment. Depending upon the type of treatment, our patients either return to work the same day (spider vein treatments) or the following day (VenaSeal/vein ablations).

Our physicians are highly skilled at treating varicose veins, resulting in a relatively low recurrence rate. However, the venous disease that causes varicose vein is a chronic problem. Therefore, new varicose veins may develop over time. Follow-up visits to monitor the health of your legs are recommended.

We want our patients to have the best possible outcomes. Although you can treat your spider veins for cosmetic reasons, we encourage our patients to treat the deeper veins that are the underlying cause of their spider veins. This will result in better outcomes and reduce the recurrence rate. We will assess your likelihood of having deeper vein disease at your first consultation.

At Alate Health, we offer twilight sedation for patients receiving treatment for varicose veins and arterial disease. With the use of sedation, our treatments are virtually pain-free. Our team is skilled and experienced at treating spider veins, minimizing any discomfort associated with the treatment.